Cycle for Science brings interactive, renewable-energy focused science lessons to communities by bicycle.


Our driving mission (well, bicycling mission) is fourfold:

  1. Introduce the next generation of scientists and citizens to renewable energy, climate science, conservation, and the scientific method in a way that is creative, hands-on, and culturally relevant.

  2. Provide K-12 students with real examples of who scientists are, what we do, and why we do it. Demonstrate that science and scientists are creative, engaging, and fun. Put a real face to a concept, and expose students to women and people of color in STEM careers.

  3. Empower scientists ("sci-clists") to learn from and engage with communities outside of academia, in particular K-12 students and their teachers. Participating scientists will advance their science communication skills while gaining a better understanding of the political, social, and economic factors that shape science education and attitudes towards science. 

  4. Demonstrate to students, scientists, and the public, via a carbon-free pedal powered trek, that science is an epic adventure!