The Inspirational Teachers


These are the teachers who have welcomed us into their classrooms to share our stories, Sol Cycles, and our passion for science with their students. Thank you!


Mafe Aguilar

8th grade GATE science, robotics elective
California Middle School

Sacramento, CA (population 479,686)


7 - 12th grade science
Cambridge Jr./Sr. High
Cambridge, ID (population 315)

Nikki Ramey

Combined 7th and 8th grade science
Wild Flower Open Classroom
Chico, CA (population 88,077)


Brian Whitney

1st - 5th grade STEM lab
Hidden Valley Elementary School
Boise, ID (population 214,237)


Polly Beebout and Zack Stark

7th Grade General Science
CY Middle School
Casper, WY (population 59,628)