Elizabeth Case

co-founder, sci-clist on xUSA, Hudson River


Rachel Woods-Robinson

co-founder, sci-clist on xUSA, xCA, xNetherlands

Elizabeth is a Ph.D. student at Columbia University and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory studying how glaciers flow and melt. She is an NSF Graduate Fellow, and has been recognized for her writing and journalism along with her science. She believes strongly in the power of community outreach, and is actively involved at Columbia and through the Juneau Icefield Research Program, a summer trek that teaches undergraduates glaciology and mountaineering in one of the most beautiful places on earth. When she's not outside, she plucks the banjo, speaks gently to her plants, and climbs.

Johanna Heyer

sci-clist on xCA


Johanna Heyer joined C4S for the Cycle for Science Central Valley adventure in 2017. She is a Ph.D. student in the UC Davis Civil and Environmental Engineering department, interested in the intersection of air quality science, public health, and environmental justice. Her current research focus is satellite remote sensing of air pollution with applications in epidemiology. She has a longstanding interest in the United States public education system and has worked and volunteered in several elementary schools around California. She escapes to her deluxe, canvas-walled, and collapsible vacation home as often as possible.

Mónica Morales Masis

sci-clist on xNetherlands


Mónica is an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She is a Physicist and Materials Scientist interested in renewable energy, science education, art and Cycle for Science! She is also an Advisor of hi-Lyte Power and former Project Leader at EPFL’s PV-lab (both 2019 sponsors of Cycle for Science!). While building her lab and growing her team to make and study materials for solar cells, she joined C4S to inspire and share with young and future scientists this passion for science and renewable energy!


Lennart Bastian

sci-clist on xNetherlands


Lennart’s passion for biking and the outdoors began at a young age, but it wasn’t until his childhood friend Rachel introduced him to bike touring that he discovered his favorite way of exploring the outdoors. Lennart joined Cycle for Science for an opportunity to share his passion for the natural sciences and outdoor preservation, as he continues to pursue a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics at the TU Munich.

Rachel is a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, and is a UC Chancellor’s Fellow NSF Graduate Fellow. Her thesis research, conducted at Berkeley Lab and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), focuses on high-throughput computation and synthesis of new materials for solar energy applications. She is actively involved in STEM outreach and mentorship, and in 2017 taught Cycle the Rockies, an undergraduate course where students ride bicycles across Montana to learn about renewable energy. She carries a harmonica, headlamp, and hammock with her at all times in case adventure strikes.

Kelly Jiang

sci-clist on xCA


Kelly was on the Cycle for Science team for the 2017 Central Valley trip. She is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Engineering with a minor in the Energy and Resources Group. She conducts research with Power for All, studying how decentralized renewable energy can be used to increase energy access in the developing world. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and arts and crafts, including crocheting a giant blanket that serves as a record of global climate change!


Rebecca Saive

sci-clist on xNetherlands


Rebecca is an Assistant Professor of Applied Physics working on photonic materials systems for solar cells at the University of Twente in the Netherlands where she started in January 2018. From 2014 to 2018 she was a Postdoc and Senior Research Scientist at California Institute of Technology and graduated with her PhD from the University of Heidelberg, Germany in 2014. Rebecca is also co-founder of ETC Solar, an award-winning Caltech start-up commercializing front contacts for solar cells. Rebecca loves to transmit her passion for science, renewable energy, and ........ solar cells!!! She has been organizing and participating in outreach events for almost a decade. In her free time she enjoys horse riding, dancing, gardening and other stuff that involves fresh air.

Teaching Experience

We all have experience teaching and understand how incredibly difficult it is to teach good science while meeting government mandated standards. And we're proudly nerdy about science and incredibly passionate about the need to ensure every student knows she or he can become a scientist.

Interested in joining?

We're very ex-sci-ted about expanding this project, involving more scientists, and planning future Cycle for Science adventures. Please reach out to us ( if you want to join the ranks as a "sci-clist"! Additionally, we will soon have a DIY guide available so that you can create your own Cycle for Science.