What happened to Days 29-47?

Hey everyone, 

so we know we're real behind on this blog, but as we enter our last month on the road, we really want you to be able to follow along live. We'll get these inbetweener posts up, I promise. In the meantime, here's a quick recap of how we got from Boise (day 29) to South Dakota (day 48): 

From Boise, we headed east, lost our tent, raced past craters of the moon, got a new one, visited the first nuclear plant to produce power, then headed for the Tetons. 

We chowed on some amazing hamburgers in Victor (still in Idaho) before crossing the state border into Wyoming, over the insanely steep Teton Pass. It hailed at the top and we just about froze on the way down. We thawed in Jackson for a few days, then headed to the actual Tetons, which were magnificent in a way that words will never do them justice. Out of the park, we ran into, and then from, a grizzly. After a Louisiana barbecue, we headed to Casper to teach at our fifth school. I subbed for a pro football player at career day. My mom flew in to hang out with us for a week, during which we crossed into South Dakota and saw the Wind Caves, Mt Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. Out of Rapid City, we entered the Badlands and saw lightning dance silently a hundred miles in the distance. Then we learned South Dakota isn't flat. We ran into Steve in White River, who took us on a tour of his family's ranch, which meant we got up close and personal with some adorable baby buffalo. That pretty much gets us to day 48, mom's last day in town. Read the dailies for the details. 

So glad you're joining us for this journey, and we promise these posts will be up soon!

Adventure on,